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Repair and building

With the help of our templates you can adjust the reception of orders for the construction of the house, calculate the approximate cost of the kitchen, repair of the apartment, find out the cost of installing doors, etc. Any template you can edit and customize for your purposes.

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Order a kitchen with a unique design

Order a kitchen with a unique design. The template in the form of a quiz helps to find out the user's wishes, make an order and get a gift in the form of a discount Details

Find out the cost of video surveillance

Template in the form of a survey contributes to learn the needs of the client for the installation of video surveillance Details

Choose a stretch ceiling for your interior

Take the survey and get the perfect solution for your ceiling, as well as a bonus for passing Details

Plastic window calculator

With the help of plastic window calculator the user can calculate the cost of the chosen profile, double glazing and additional options. Details

Apartment repair

Calculate the cost of repairing the apartment Details
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