Online web form
builder, surveys and
calculators for website

The simple and intuitive interface of the designer, combined with more than 30 different elements of web forms, allows you to create almost any form in a matter of minutes.

Key features

Using the intuitive interface
of our form builder, in real-time
create the form you need
in a matter of minutes.
It does not require any special skills and knowledge
Using our form designer, you do not need to be a programmer in order to create and customize a web form of any complexity.
It works on any websites and CMS
The form does not depend on what your website is made on. Choose the appropriate form placement method for your tasks.
It has a built-in form designer
In just a couple of minutes, create the desired design theme, suitable for the design of your website, using our form designer.
Detailed reports and graphs
All data submitted from the form will be available for viewing and editing in our statistics system.
Dynamic Forms
Use the rules to create dynamic forms that follow the logic that you configured.
Integration with external systems
Integrate your forms with other online services and automate the process of collecting and processing applications.
Create forms that are password protected or protected with CAPTCHA. They support the secure HTTPS protocol.
Online payments
Start accepting online payments using forms within minutes.

Create online forms for any task

Choose a template

Feedback form
Application form
Order form
Subscription form
Voting form
Testing Form
Online calculator
Online record form

How it works

6 simple steps to achieve the desired result!
Create the required web form
Setting up email or sms notifications
Customize the appearance of the form
Receiving applications from users
Placement of a web form on the site
Copying of
finalized code


Our web forms have ready-made integration modules with popular online services that you use for your business tasks. Here are just a few of them.

Customer Reviews

This is what our customers say about us.

This service is the best one I've ever worked with. I use forms from FormDesigner on all of my online projects. Even a beginner can simply and quickly create a form of any complexity. And it will look great, be it an online store, a blog or any other website! But if difficulties appear nevertheless, the Support Service will do everything to help you. They shall always quickly and easily help to solve any problem. Special thanks to the these guys for this! I wish best of luck in the development and good customers!

Syasev Andrei
Syasev Andrei

I met the service by chance when I had an urgent need to administer the website of the faculty where I work. Found this web form designer in a search engine among many others... Since I am new to programming and site administration, it seemed to me that this service was the most accessible for understanding and use, since it does not require any special knowledge and skills. Another advantage would be the continuous improvement of service in all directions. This includes suggestions of users! You can always get detailed explanations for any question! Great thanks for all this!

Dmitry Smirnov
Dmitry Smirnov

Using the, I quickly and easily solved the problem: quickly made a large number of feedback forms for the selling website. At the same time, it was necessary to make them with a set of different parameters and in a corporate graphic style. No programming, no fuss with the settings for sending application messages! All you need is 5 minutes to master the service and ... the forms are ready! Applications come instantly! They saved us a lot of money by avoiding the services of a programmer - paid subscription plans are also optional. It’s such a bless that there is such a Russian-language(!) service, flexible, simple, with lots of functions. I did not find any analogues of it in Russian internet at all!

Yakov Evsyukov
Yakov Evsyukov

Almost unlimited possibilities for customizing forms, design, automatic messages to users and administrators.

You can do everything - simple forms, order value calculators, ordering sets of services.

Excellent integration with popular CRM systems, analytics, etc. With the ability to work with webhooks, there are basically no restrictions on integration.

And all this at a really affordable price!

Amore + Fiori Federal Flower Network
Amore + Fiori Federal Flower Network

The Amore + Fiori Federal Flower Network expresses its gratitude to for professional, high-quality and prompt service. has recommended itself as a reliable partner, which able to competently implement the task in a short amount of time thanks to a well-coordinated team of company employees. Looking forward to further cooperation!


To work with the form designer to me, as a beginner, was easier than simple, an intuitive interface in this matter played an important role, as well as an attractive design. It’s good that there are such websites; have my great respect and good luck in development!!!!


In just 10 minutes I made a simple bonus-malus coefficient calculator, posted it on the website, as a result - improved behavioral on the page with the subsequent top positions of the site on request ...


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